This really is the ULTIMATE PASSIVE INCOME Opportunity and anyone can do this guaranteed.

You have the opportunity to benefit from a 3 year old USA based company that now offers TWO Automatic Trading Systems that makes pure passive income for you while you sleep PLUS our Team offers a completely DONE FOR YOU MARKETING SYSTEM that promotes this offer on your behalf to earn you EVEN MORE MONEY!

One system has not had a losing day trading in over 2 years and has averaged between 6-12% per month…This is your steady stability growth fund.

The other system automatically copies the Company’s highly skilled traders who have combined experience of over 40 years trading and allows these trades to be executed exactly as the traders take them but in your own personal trading account and without you having to be around. The returns generated by these tried and tested traders are considerable higher…This is your Income booster fund that generate you some SERIOUS CASH.

The Company is so sure of their system that they offer a guarantee that if you are not profitable with their system after 6 months of the system trading your account, then they will pay you 3 TIMES your monthly membership fee for those 6 months…This is your NO BRAINER moment.

Finally, this is so HUGE that naturally everyone wants to share this opportunity with others and the company has one of the most lucrative compensations plans that you can find anywhere which affords even average people to earn above average MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME.

We at Top Earners Club are actively building a huge organization with Wealth Generators and we offer a Complete DONE FOR YOU TEAM SYSTEM where we essentially build your downline for you.

This allows you to MAX OUT the entire compensation plan without you ever having to recruit a single person yourself…This is your TAKE ACTION moment.




You can make money totally passively with Wealth Generators but the majority of people would not mind earning EVEN MORE MONEY if it didn’t involve too much work/effort.

Due to our Team System, we at Top Earners Club are growing like crazy and you can align yourself with us to capitalize on, and directly benefit from, this growth.

We offer a very unique Done For You Team System which is made up of two phases that really has proven to be quite effective at rapidly building your downline and more importantly, your downline’s downline.

This ensures that you consistently earn more and more monthly residual income from this opportunity, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve.


This is where you simply “tap into” our Advertising System, which involves effective and consistent lead generation and conversion, to provide you with your 3 direct referrals.

As per the compensation plan above, 3 direct referrals are all that YOU need to totally “max out” the plan but, to really generate a substantial and ever increasing monthly residual income, you have to have a system that ensures that YOUR 3 DOWNLINE MEMBERS also get their 3 direct referrals.

We have a very structured system in place to achieve this very goal.

In this Phase 1, you purchase $50 traffic packs which goes to fuel our existing advertising campaigns and gains you 1 direct referral from prospects wanting to join from said campaigns.

Each time we deliver a direct referral to you, you purchase another $50 traffic pack until you have your 3 direct referrals ( which would cost you a total of $150 ) and completes PHASE 1 of the system.


This is what really sets us apart from anything else out there and will all but guarantee your success if you decide to join with us. You see, having 3 direct referral is great but having these referrals NOT PERFORM or CLUELESS about what they should do next will get you nowhere.

This is why we have a very structured and purposeful system which not only allows your direct referrals to DUPLICATE what you have done (what was done for you and will be done for them) but also it creates massive appeal for new members looking to join, which creates results very much faster than anywhere else.

In PHASE 2, every member who completes PHASE 1 (and is therefore considered “safe” as their monthly membership will be paid for by the company ) is asked to purchase a special TEAM TRAFFIC PACK.

This Team Traffic Pack (TTP) is basically a $50 a month auto-ship which goes into buying even more advertising and ensures that every “safe” member in the team directly contributes to helping NEW MEMBERS achieve their 3 directs, which in turn directly builds their monthly residual income potential.

As these new members get their 3 and become “safe”, they join the ever growing number of “safe” members who are contributing $50 a month through their TTP and this allows us to carry out more and more advertising campaigns reaching more and more new prospects creating the EXPONENTIAL GROWTH that must happen for everyone to succeed in the long term.

This is what we refer to overall as our EXPONENTIAL BOOSTER SYSTEM ( EBS ).

So not only are new members contributing to the advertising campaigns to get their 3 directs but ALSO every “safe” member is contributing to this advertising as well, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood that these said new members get their 3 directs that much faster.

Also, our entire system ensures that the newest member to join knows exactly what to do and how to proceed to become meaningful member of the team.

We are here to put the T back into TEAM and show all new prospects that if you like what you have seen and heard with Wealth Generators and you are looking for THE RIGHT Person/Team to join with, know that if you join with us,every single existing member of the team will be directly helping you to achieve success.

Naturally, as more and more people get their 3 directs and become “safe” in the system, we grow stronger and stronger because we have more and more advertising power.


Below you will find three product packages but as a team we do recommend that you follow the package that all our members have taken and these are as follows:

You need to become a Qualified Generator so that you can benefit from the entire compensation plan ( $120 )

You need to select the ALGO Pack for $149.99 per month as this will allow you access use of the Fx Simplifier Auto Trader and the Market Liquidity Algorithm ( MLA )

You need to select the Forex Training package for a one time cost of $49.99

— You will then need to factor in that our team gets your 3 direct referrals for you ( $150)

This means that your entire cost to get started is $469.98

Remember To Note that once our Team System achieved your 3 direct referrals for you then you no longer pay the $149.99 per month ( as it is covered by the company ) but then you proceed with the TTP monthly membership of $50 to help support your entire downline.


Don’t delay, join us today and change your financial future forever.

If you are coming through our team system (which you should be unless someone outside our Team is using this page), then you will have an email welcoming you to the team and going over things a bit more so the first thing to do is to check your inbox (or spam folder) for an email titled Welcome To Top Earners Club.

In that email you will find the steps to proceed and you will be asked to reply to topearnersclubwg@gmail.com letting us know how you want to get started.

Simply read the email and follow the steps to proceed as you will find everything that we do is very well structured.

Your email WILL NOT include a referral link in it as you are joining a team system rather than an individual person so if you find an email asking you to join through any referral link then view this as suspicious and email topearnersclubwg@gmail.com to get a formal team referral link.

This will guarantee that you join with the team and not some one trying to trick you into joining them by pretending to be part of our team…That’s not nice :)

There is only one Top Earners Club and one Team System guaranteed to create the success that you seek. Everything will be done for you but you need to step up and do what it takes to get started.